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Should I Consider an At Home Cholesterol and Lipids Test?

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Should I Consider an At Home Cholesterol and Lipids Test?

Many people often ask whether an at home cholesterol + lipids test will be accurate. The answer to this is that while there are many types of cholesterol testing kits, none of them provide a truly accurate measurement. When it comes to the numbers you get from one of these tests, the results will almost always be off a little bit.

at home cholesterol and lipids test

Should I Consider an At Home Cholesterol and Lipids Test?

In order to determine your levels accurately, you will need to get more than one reading with an at home cholesterol and lipids test. This is because different kits use different methods for calculating blood levels. What one may call a low level is actually a higher level while others may call something a low reading a high reading. Therefore, while a kit may measure your triglycerides at one point, you may end up with a much higher reading when you go back to have the test performed.

Another issue to keep in mind when looking at an at home cholesterol and lipids test is that the numbers will not tell you anything about the quality of your health. If you do not have optimal levels of total cholesterol, HDL or LDL cholesterol, then you will not have optimal health. There is simply no way to say whether a test will provide accurate results until you have taken a look at your other numbers as well. This includes such things as your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and your eating habits. It is possible to find a kit that does not require any blood tests to perform the measurements, but if you want the peace of mind that accurate results can be given, then it is advisable to go ahead and get one of the more elaborate home testing kits. The kits, which do require some sort of blood test measures your triglycerides, HDL and LDL cholesterol as well as your cholesterol levels.

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