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Interior Designers

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Interior Designers

When it comes to the art of interior design architects, there are literally thousands of professionals to choose from. You can choose an individual, a firm, or a college that specializes in the field. Although there are many similarities between these professions, many interior design professionals also offer interior architecture services as well. In addition, they may have degrees and certificates in both disciplines. These professionals are often qualified to assist you with a remodeling project or a new construction.

Interior Designers

If you are interested in hiring interior design architects, contact an architecture firm near you. Many architecture firms offer on-site architecture services as well as a studio where you can meet with an architect to discuss your ideas and choose what elements you would like to incorporate into your space. The architecture firm will take you through the design process from concept to construction. Most firms will even help you plan and coordinate the project so you don’t waste time or money.

Interior designers often work under the supervision of an architect, but not always. Some interior designers are self-employed and perform work as contractors. Working as an independent contractor gives you more freedom, but you may still be required to follow the project’s design plans. Architectural firms will often provide interior design services as part of a combined construction package. This service will help you coordinate the project, give input into the overall design, and provide references for other architects and contractors as well.

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