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Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation

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Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation

certificate iv in electrical instrumentation

Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation is a course that offers a standard qualification for those who are looking to join the field of electrical engineers. This certificate is achieved after one year of full time study at either an approved college or university. It covers many subjects including mechanical and electric mechanics, electrical measurements, applied chemistry, Physics and also chemistry. Subjects covered include electric circuits, electric motors, sensors and equipment, electricity, frequency generation and transfer, working principles and electronics. These classes help students prepare for jobs that involve installing and repairing electrical equipment.


The requirements for this course can be studied online and there are a number of accredited colleges and universities that offer this program. Upon completion of the entire course the student will receive a certificate and degree. Some universities and colleges may also offer distance learning courses. This enables people to further their education without having to give up their day job. Online courses are flexible and offer flexible class schedules and can be taken in the comfort of your own home.


Many companies prefer to hire an engineer who has taken one of these certificate IV courses instead of an engineer who has not. For example, they may prefer an engineer who has taken one of these courses and is familiar with all the material covered so that they can run the electrical installation process smoothly and efficiently. However, some employers may insist on taking someone with a formal certificate to work alongside current staff. This certificate will prove that the engineer has completed relevant courses and this is enough to guarantee their job.

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